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4-3-2018 Workshop at Kunsthaus Zürich with cie Zeitsprung


15-11-2017 Sharing on the rooftop

Within my residency at the Alice Boner Institute in Varanasi i had the opportunity to share an insight into my work on a roof top event. I am very happy to have met many new interesting people and i'm thankful for the rich exchange.

06-10-2017 new Image-Trailer is here

Video: Kristian Breitenbach / Loris Ciresa

18-09-2017 Residency at Alice Boner Institute in Varanasi

Thanks to a grant by the city of Zürich, i am currently at the Alice Boner Institute in Varanasi - India. What a great place to find new inspiration and dive into the deeply touching work and life of Alice Boner

01-12-2016 the trailer of "INTO THE VAGUE" is out

> by klicking on the picture you will get to the trailer

Video and editting: Kristian Breitenbach

Photo by Urs Bührer

09-04-2016 a glimpse into the most recent creation process

In collaboration with multimedia artist Simón Schwarz we are creating a new short piece for Tanzplan Ost 2016.

Photos: Simón Schwarz

24-03-2016 trailer of "24 advent per-form moments" online

For those who missed the 24 instantly composed performances in dezember in Tanzhaus Zürich, take a little insight by klicking here.

Out of almost 14h of video documentation material I made a 28min trailer version. The setting, artists, task and the place from where to watch was changed dayly. 

Have fun!

20-02-2016 CoexisDance Switzerland #9

01  Brigitte Meyer (cello) + Johanna Schaub (cello) + Mirjam Bührer (movement)
02  Benjamin Brodbeck (percussion) + Diego Kohn (violin) + David Graf (movement)
03  Stefanie Erni (voice) + Marina Tantanozi (flute) + Dorothee Daester (movement)
04  Diego Kohn (violin) + Franziska Esslinger (flute) + Lea Haldimann (movement)
05  Emilio Guim (e-guitar) + Benjamin Brodbeck (percussion) + Mirjam Bührer (movement)
06  Stefanie Erni (voice) + Johanna Schaub (cello) +David Graf (movement)
07  Marina Tantanozi (flute) + Dorothee Daester (movement) + Lea Haldimann (movement)

Thanks to Emilio Guim for organizing!

09-05-2015 - getting ready for my research showing

Layer by layer and playfulness.

Photos by Kathrin Favero

17-04-2015 - the latest videos made in San Francisco

my research-time in San Francisco passes by so quickly!
Here you can find the latest takes in the Dance-Studios:

> klick here for the video "SILENCE"
> klick here for the video "up n' down n' round n' round" 

02-04-2015 - Photo Collection "wall or ground"

"wall or ground" - and what's your point of view?

Photos by Mirjam Bührer

25-03-2015 - it's all about the perspective

"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." Wayne W. Dyer

19-03-2015 - first video impressions of my studio time 

I safely arrived in the United States and i'm happy to share a first insight into my current research at the odc-studios...

> click here for the video "the left"
> click here for the video "listen"
> click here for the video "Give me silence, water, hope. Give me struggle, iron, volcanoes."

09-03-2015 - on your marks - get set - go

i'm ready to take off too - heading off to San Francisco to develop my own artistic "YES_NO" manifesto...

05-03-2015 - performance in Lucerne

CoexisDance - Switzerland #2- Luzern
An evening of Sound and Movement Improvisation

Pavillon Theater - Studio 1 

Photo by Emilio Guim

20-02-2015 - live light painting

Photos by Simón Schwarz

Some Impressions of the live-light-painting Session with Simón Schwarz.

07/08-02-2015 - contact improv intensiv workshop in Winterthur

the second Contact-Intensive-Workshop in Winterthur.
Don't miss it and grin, come to WU LIN! ;)

04-02-2015 - performance in Lucerne

CoexisDance - Switzerland #1- Luzern
An evening of Sound and Movement Improvisation

Pavillon Theater - Studio 1 

17/18-01-2015 Instant Compostion Workshops

All those who would like to start the New Year dancing are warmly welcome to one or both workshops in January!  Feel free to sign up, pass the information on to friends and bring them along with your joy!

05/16-01-2015 - getting some advanced training in Amsterdam

What an amazing training! Thank you Amsterdam, thank you Chassé Studios, thank you Julyen Hamilton and thank you beautiful dance friends for sharing this experiance!

Photo by Patrick Beelaert

21-12-2014 - performance in Zürich

„advents-per-form-moment“ Dance & Live Painting with Nadja Heim

14-12-2014 - performance in Zürich

„advents-per-form-moment“ with Violinist & Performer Harald Kimmig from Freiburg, Breisgau

>click here for the video of the show

01-12-2014 - performance in Weinfelden

Performance with "the Lenzin Brothers" at the festivities for the Implementation of the new Church Constitution, Townhall in Weinfelden (TG - CH).

Photo by Anja Graf