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Photoproject "Encounters with Benares"

By lucky coincidence i encountered Swiss photographer Alexandra Wey ( in Varanasi. We connected very quickly and well on many levels and decided to start an artistic collaboration on "Encounters with Benares". Here we share some first insights to our work.

Photos: Alexandra Wey

"INTO THE VAGUE" - 20min
a new fusion of live music, dance and mediadesign

here you can find the trailer

Photo by Simón Schwarz

24 advent per-form moments in Tanzhaus Zürich

Photo by Barbara Biedermann

Solo „about dressing and impressing“ 28min

„Kleider machen Leute, aber sie machen noch lange nicht den Menschen.“ Othmar Capellmann 
Choreography & Dance: Mirjam Bührer
Light: Christoph Gorgé

Photos by Christian Glaus

Duo „lean on me - when we are strong" 25min

this piece is based on the lyrics of Bill Wither's song "lean on me".
made and danced by Mirjam Bührer and Judith Koch
Light: Christoph Gorgé

Photos by Christian Glaus

Research in San Francisco

Thanks to a grant given by the City of Zürich, who covered my flat and studio-time, I could do my artistic research in San Francisco. From March to May 2015 i started to write my own artistic manifesto based on the works of Yvonne Rainer and Mette Ingwartsen.

> click here to have a glimpse into "another manifesto"

24 advents-per-form-momente, live_real_visible

I set up a show of daily surprise performances, instantly composed,  between December 1 - 24 in the studio "Tanzwerkstatt" in Zürich.
Concept & Dance: Mirjam Bührer
Guests: Artists of different backgrounds and disciplines from Zürich, Winterthur, St. Gallen, Genf and Freiburg, Breisgau
Click here for the Video-Links:

„w_art und reise“ – Solo

Running for love or loving the running? What happens when actively "doing nothing"?
A sprint between posts as an installation in the "Kunstraum, Corner College". 

"da-zwischen“ from Renate Graziadei, laborgras, Berlin

Within the framework of "Tanzplan Ost" and 9 fellow dancers plus 2 musicians, I was part of a Tour through eastern Switzerland, Liechtenstein (FL) and Dornbirn (AT).

Click here for the Video and further information to Tanzplan Ost:
film by Art TV
Tanzplan Ost

Nature Notes "Vivarium" - a duett with Annina Schweizer

Photo by Barbara Biedermann

"Vivarium" is a sensual description of nature, through the means of dance, music and speech. Appearances under the open sky were learned about by watching, hearing and sensing them, to find out what they (still) mean to our own existence.

"dances to a beat“ – a Trio with Kati Korosuo and Doriane Locatelli

A piece with the focus on repetition, minimalism and Contemporary Dance Aerobic.  We have developed a specific approach to improvisation and extended it for the performance structure that we use.

„Helvetia auf Reisen“ – a Trio with Jelena Pfister and Flavia da Costa

Photos by Christian Glaus

Head or Tail?! How wealthy is Switzerland really? Money connects and disconnects. We throw coins, swing thalers, hoard money, invest it, waste and lose it. 
What do we take with us? What if time wasn't money?

„AVE“ – a Duo with Noelia Mansilla Diaz

Photos by Robin Gommel

pure choreography, pure physicality - an intense experience that makes you fly!