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Where there is movement, there is change. There is Life. There, growing is possible. Besides training up technical skills, the main focus in my teaching is to open the senses and sharpen the perception. It's of high value to me to support you in making your innate and natural tools more accessible in the right time and quantity; instinct, mind, emotions, experience of movement, intuition and phantasy. In consciously playing with the possible combinations, new space for experiencing movement opens up.
line Instant Composition

Instant Composition is the art of creating out of the moment and making processes visible. Everything is already present. From here I can create the next step. Which impulse do I follow and how distinct can my movement answer be? We work on, practice and use tools that enable us to vary these movement answers in space, time and power in diverse ways.

Current Courses:

line Contact Improvisation

Contact Improvisation is dancing in direct contact with another partner. Rolling, falling, flying, gliding. Taking and giving weight. An active game with gravity, unplanned.
In the workshops I structure different exercises based on the sensitive perception of your own body, the floor and the partner so that you can find yourself enjoying dancing in diverse ways with others and experiencing suprising changes in the dance.
line Dance Technique

"As little as possible, as much as necessary" is the principle applied here. The classes are based upon an interplay of body tension and body relaxation. Here, you can learn to trace functional and anatomical connections in your body and how to use them, to find a natural flow and enjoyment.

Current Courses:
Weekly Classes: 
line Pilates

The method of Joseph Hubert Pilates is a physical and mental training, that is geared to develop the human body in its totality. The Pilates-Method mainly addresses the deep tissue muscles that support a stable and healthy posture. The training consists of strength exercises, stretching and conscious breathing.

Private lessons upon request.
line One-to-One Sessions - Bodytime - Massage

These Sessions are an opportunity to receive personalized advice on how to continue moving in easeful and healthy ways.
I will design an individual package that applies to your unique body, drawing on all my previous experience and expertise.

Appointment and content upon request,
recommendation: 3, 5, or 8 sessions.
line Project Week: don't worry - move!

I'm designing project weeks with or without a final performance for all age groups upon request.

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